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Single lessons or small group lessons

Are you interessted to learn AI CHI or TAO Footreflexology for yourself?

I offer single lessons or lessons in small groups (not more than four persons).

Single or small group lessons give you the opportunity to learn theoretical and practical elements
of AI CHI, the japanese Art of Massage or the TAO Footreflexology for your own practice.

I'm also teaching Craniosacral Osteopathy, Shiatsu and Meridianshiatsu

Reasons for learning AI CHI:

- I want to practice AI CHI with my partner or my children.
- I want to practice AI CHI with relations or friends.
- I´m working in a social or medical job and want to integrate elements of AI CHI.

If you would like to inform yourself or arrange a meeting about an AI CHI single or small group lesson, please call
09621 - 420 914 or send an eMail.


One lesson lasts about three hours (180 minutes):

- singleperson = 100,- Euro

- two persons = 80,- Euro (per person)

- three persons = 70,- Euro (per person)

- four persons = 70,- Euro (per person)